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Love this book will be reading the entire series as fast as I can get my hands on them. Excellent story line.

— Lena N., United States (Verified Purchase)

I loved this first book. It was really well written but my complaint would be that’s the author would have made it a little longer because it was so good. I read this in a couple hours so I wish it was longer. Otherwise I thought it was great.

— Bonnie M., United States (Verified Purchase)

Held my interest…which is very hard to do. Enjoyed the book. Well written.

— Crista H., United States (Verified Purchase)

Great book for Twilight lovers and vampire lovers everywhere. Very well written and popular nowadays! I totally recommend, you won’t be disappointed. It wasn’t cliche like most vampire stories and I really appreciated that.

– Victoria N., United States (Verified Buyer)

Great book to read, especially if you like to read about fantasy such as vampires, etc. Now I am waiting for Book 3. Hopefully it doesn’t take long. Thank you for keeping me entertained.

Jannie G., United States (Verified Buyer)

A tricky and fast moving tale in which Ally has put her fate into motion by simply bumping into a mysterious guy. Soon she finds the truth of him and welcomes her future. But , Moira has different plans for the new mated couple. And Ben must find Ally before time runs out.

– Allison, United States (Verified Purchase)

My my my. This book his simply hilarious. I chose 5 stars cause I can vividly see a 25 year old girl whom is silly and then see proper Ben =] absolutely lovely.

– Jayla, United States (Verified Buyer)

This is not your regular Vampire romance novel. It tells the story of a girl who finds her true love and finds out who he is? A Vampire! If your under the age of 11 or 12 don’t read this because it’s not suited for little kids. But overall this book was fantastic.

Chris, United States (Verified Buyer)

I chose five stars because this book captivated me I did not put it down until I was done reading it I would recommend this book for those who love paranormal romance books.

– Amazon Customer, United States (Verified Purchase)

This book is really hard to put down and so addicting to read. Lots of details and a fantastic story line and plot. LOVE this book I hope to see another one soon. :)))

– Kory J., United States (Verified Buyer)

From the moment I began this book I could not put it down. In fact I read it in a day it was so good. Anxious to begin the sequel.

Angie G., United States (Verified Buyer)

This book was amazing

I never read a book that was detail with love. Especially the affair. She is a wonderful author..

– Elizabeth D., United States (Verified Purchase)

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